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Dr. Pruden has faithfully served his patients over 30 years. He and his staff consistently work to bring high quality, patient-first care to the people of Midtown NYC and Long Island. This devotion to his clients continues to be the hallmark of his practice.


Since 1984, when Dr. Pruden first opened his doors to patients, we have provided patients with timely and efficient chiropractic care. We are a private practice that is committed to resolving problems of the neck, back, spine and other parts of the body through the use of chiropractic.

Our goal is to help all patients remain healthy and happy. We offer complete wellness programs for patients of all ages and mobility levels. We provide chiropractic care for professional dancers in NYC, golf related chiropractic care on Long Island, children's and competitive gymnastic chiropractic treatment on Long Island and work related chiropractic care in NY - and everything in between.

Dr. Pruden's services do not end with the successful treatment of your initial ailment, we offer a variety of services to help our patients maintain a healthy and pain free life.


Best of North Shore Chiropractor Dr. Stephen Pruden Award


Dr. Shahidi is a passionate chiropractor with an evidence-based approach to patient’s health. She earned her Bachelor Degree in Health Science majoring in Biology at York University. She completed her chiropractic education at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Canada and is currently a dual Canadian and United States Board Certified Chiropractor. She is now officially licensed to practice in the state of New York.

Dr. Shahidi has broadened her scope of practice by completing multiple training courses including Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP), CCSP training, and SFMA. As a board Certified Chiropractic Sport Physician (CCSP), Dr. Shahidi is well trained in managing sport injuries as well as other overused injuries of spine and extremities. She uses CBP techniques to help patients with chronic conditions such as lower back pain, neck pain, headache and dizziness.

Her approach is two-fold, symptom relief using different techniques including spinal and extremity adjustment, myofascial release techniques, as well as finding the root of the pain. She develops a unique treatment plan for each patient in order to maximize his or her quality of care. Her goal is to be the coach of each person’s well being, help patients improve their physical condition and achieve a healthier life style.